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Clopidogl is a thinopyidin class inhibitP2Y12 adnosin diphosphat (ADP) platlt cptos. It is an inhibitplatlt activation and agggation though th ivsibl binding its activ mtabolit tth P2Y12 class ADP cptos on platlts.

Gmibozil: Du tan incasd isk myopathy/habdomyolysis whn HMG-CoA ductas inhibitos a co-administd with gmibozil, concomitant administation ATOLIP CV with gmibozil should b avoidd.

Hypsnsitivity tatovastatin, clopidogl any componnt this mdication Activ liv disas, which may includ unxplaind psistnt lvations in hpatic tansaminas lvls Activ pathological blding such as pptic ulc intacanial hmohag Womn wha pgnant may bcom pgnant Lactation.

Thapy with lipid-alting agnts should b only on componnt multipl isk actintvntion in individuals at signiicantly incasd isk athosclotic vascula disas du thypcholstolmia. Dug thapy is commndd as an adjunct tdit whn th spons ta dit stictd in satuatd at and cholstol and oth nonphamacologic masus alon has bn inadquat. In patints with CHD multipl isk actos CHD, atovastatin can b statd simultanously with dit.

Patints should b placd on an appopiat lipid-lowing dit bciving ATOLIP CV , and should continu this dit duing tatmnt. Th commndd dosag is on capsul onc daily.

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